About us

Company SENSES d.o.o. was founded in 1992. It is known as a micro-enterprise and mainly focuses on the domestic market, although opportunities abroad are opening up. In its more than twenty years of existence, it boasts high-quality products that are made with an extremely flexible approach. The company can also boast with an efficient climate inside and outside the area of ​​operations. The sole way of working is very flexible and offers clients an individual approach that includes counselling, availability and reliability. The products that are offered are created and designed according to the wishes of customers.


We wish to maintain a stable family company and we strive to achieve a sustainable annual growth. We follow the aims of fulfilment and sound management of the relationship between product quality and price. In relation to the participants in the business we strengthen mutual relationships and at the same time hope to establish new ties.


We offer a rich sales program in the field of shade and shadow systems. We are committed to the quality of products and aesthetic refinement. Our competitiveness is also reflected in the sale of central vacuum cleaning systems. With a personal approach we offer our customers unique products and services.

Official data:

Senses production, sales, services d.o.o.
Socka 53, 3203 Nova Cerkev

Fiscal No .: SI36148504
Registration No .: 5655650000
IBAN: SI56 1910 0001 0322 988 (DBS d.d.)

Date of entry in the Business Register of Slovenia: 09/10/1992

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Senses d.o.o.