During the preparation of the installation the tube system is ”led” to the wall, where in the future there will be the vacuuming sockets. The sockets are arranged around the facility in such a manner that the vacuuming tube reaches every part of the house. It is important that they seal, as that is a means of creating negative pressure. Depending on the number of sockets, the intensity and type of the vacuuming unit is then selected.

We offer a comprehensive range of accessories, which can be obtained in individual or complete form.

9-piece accessory contains:

  • Vacuuming hose (7m, 9m, 12m)
  • Handpiece (regular, ON / OFF, gradual)
  • Telescopic tube
  • Combined brush
  • Brushes of various shapes
  • Holder for vacuuming hose and brushes

9-piece accessory

Holder for brushes

Holder for vacuuming hose

Combined brush

Brushes of various shapes

Handpiece (regular, ON / OFF, gradual)

Vacuuming hose (7m, 9m, 12m)

Telescopic tube

Socket and rosette

Kitchhose is the vacuuming pipe which is wound in a PVC box. With the help of a spring, it is retracted to its original state after use. Suitable for vacuuming of kitchen areas.

Dustpan is an easy option of the socket, which is integrated into the final batten or at the bottom of the kitchen units. The dirt is swept up to the dust pan, then the central vacuum system is switched on by a simple button press, and the dirt is removed through the dustpan. This form does not require the vacuuming pipe. It allows for quick and regular form of vacuuming when doing household chores.

Very attractive in the sales program is also the advanced system of central vacuuming, that is vacuuming with the tractive tube, which is installed in the piping of the installation, and at the time of use easily extracted from the wall connector.


The first part of the activity is the design, consulting and assembling of the installation.
Central vacuum cleaning systems are delivered, installed and serviced. Prior to this, based on years of experience, we suggest a vacuuming unit that is suitable for your facility.

Vacuuming units

The company SENSES d.o.o. offers high quality central vacuum cleaning systems. We are representatives of the Canadian company CYCLO-VAC and we also offer items from the British company GLOBOVAC. Both suppliers are the best quality suppliers in the world of central vacuum cleaning systems.