Blinds are excellent and efficient shades, which users install for heat protection as well as protection from wind, rain and snow. Depending on the purpose, the appropriate fabric is installed.

The installation of blinds on glass surfaces forms an additional air bridge between the glass and the shade. Insulation thereby regulates the temperature of the space in which the blind is installed.

The drive of the blinds can be manual or electric. The manoeuvrability of the electric drive is possible in two ways, via a remote control or a fixed switch. The possibility of opening and closing of blinds is also automatic and responds to sunlight and wind vibrations.
It is possible to choose from different types of fabrics, as well as colours, which then add value to the appearance of your facility.


Blinds with aluminium cradles are held by aluminium rails that are attached to the sides of the canvas and the end-profile. The end-profile is inserted into the cradles and fastened to them by the pins. They protect the space from wind and light. Dimensions are adapted to the wishes of the client.

Blinds with braided cables are a classic form of blinds on the sides fastened to the supporters of the blinds and the end-profile by braided cables, which prevent oscillation. They are suitable for spaces that are not heavily exposed to adverse weather conditions or wind.

Zip blinds are an innovative form of blinds with cradles, as the fastened canvas is very stable, while the system itself is of integrated look. They include a special zipper, which is introduced through the profile of the lateral cradle. They are a perfect seal and a very universal shade that can, with the help of the electric drive or the handheld joystick, be used for shading of many different areas.


The form of screen blinds is very special, precisely because their functionality is very diverse. This is a superbly developed model of shades, as it protects the space against UV rays, while letting the sunlight through. Excellent regulators of heat, irrespective of the colour of screen fabric. They are designed for both outdoor and indoor use. Installation is possible on the ceiling or wall. Cradles and blind cassette are available in all colours of RAL colour chart.

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